CAN YOU ESCAPE... in just 60mins??

Welcome to North Coast Escape Rooms. We have two escape rooms ready to give you a real life gaming experience.

You and your team have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and escape the room. A unique gaming experience, come rain or shine. Whether you are team building with colleagues, friends or family, this experience will bring a fun way to keep you all entertained.

Room 1 /
Smugglers Den

** All New Puzzles for 2020 **

Have you heard the story of Wills Rock? Well, Customs Officer William was tied to a rock at low tide at Porthcothan Bay by local smugglers and left there to drown. Fortunately he escaped! Now it’s your turn. You are also captured and have been locked in the smugglers den to wait for low tide. Can you find a way out before the smugglers get back?

Room 2 /
Bedsit Breach

The cold war is at its peak. You are part of a special unit set up to uncover and arrest spies in the UK. You think you’ve identified an elusive spy who has his eye on RAF St Mawgan but after months of observation, you still have no concrete evidence. You’ll have to take some risks...
is your hunch right?



You will have a unique game experience which involves trying to solve the clues and puzzles to achieve a task set by the Games master in under 60 minutes..

Am I actually locked in the room?
No, although the door is shut and you have 60 minutes to escape, you are not actually locked in the room.

Will we have the room to ourselves?
Absolutely, to fully relax and enjoy the experience your group will have exclusive use of the room for the hour.

Can I take photos in the room?
Unfortunately no photography is permitted. There will be an opportunity to take a team photo at the end as a keepsake. North Coast Escape Rooms want to ensure all who participate have no spoilt surprises!

Are we allowed to take food and drink in the rooms?
No food or drink is allowed within the room.

Is there an age restriction?
Our rooms are aimed for people aged 13 and over however younger children may be permitted entry with an adult. Please be aware though that some of the puzzles may be a little difficult for younger people.

How many players can take part?
Our rooms are for 2-7 players.

Are there toilet facilities?
There are toilet facilities 50m away for the business park visitors.

Is there parking?
Yes, there’s parking right outside. Please let us know if you are arriving in more than two cars though.

What happens if we arrive late?
Please contact us as soon as you realise you are going to be late. If it’s only a few minutes then we should still be able to allow entry. If it’s longer then we would need to consider other booking commitments.



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For more information please get in touch

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07596 153187
Unit 2 Higher Trevornick Business Park, Winnards Perch, St Columb, TR9 6DH
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Covid 19 Update

Following government guidance, we are very pleased to announce that we will be opening one of our rooms on 4th July. We have carried out a full health and safety assessment and can certify that we are a Covid secure workplace. What this means is that we have and will be implementing changes to reduce risks of spreading the Coronavirus. This doesn’t mean that it is risk free and anyone booking, especially those that are in a vulnerable group should continue to consider and weigh up the risk of participating for themselves. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Changes to our former booking criteria and procedures

• Our game is open to groups of the same household / bubble only.

• Our door will be open when it’s time for your briefing to begin, so no handles to touch, just walk on in.

• We have plenty of space so you will have a waiting area where your briefing will be conducted which gives more than 2m distance from our gamesmaster.

• There will be hand sanitiser within the foyer and all participators will be expected to use it. If you therefore have any allergies then please confirm with us before you book as we will refuse entry for not applying it.

• Unfortunately there will be no be seating or sweets before you start.

• Upon successful escape, you will congregate in the same waiting area you started in for a team photo if you wish.

• If you are unlucky and are unable to escape, then the door will open for you all to exit, unfortunately we will not be offering a walk through as to how it should have unfolded.

• We will be increasing the time between booking slots so that we can carry out a deeper clean than we have previously done. This will incur a steam clean and a disinfectant wash for all props and locks. We have been varnishing surfaces to make this more effective.

• We will no longer be able to offer toilet facilities as these are not maintained by us and therefore we cannot vouch for the cleaning regime that has been adopted.

• You will be required to update us with details of all members of your group when you book which will be held for 21 days in line with the Governments test and trace policy.